Rating System

Our simplified system will allow our readers to easily recognize the rating given to the lawn mower reviews (along with our other review sites) we publish.

5 Star System

We will maintain the 5 star system taking into consideration the following;

Price – the price of the lawn mower relative to its performance, you may see a more costly pressure washer given a higher star and a cheaper one given a lower number of stars.  Here at lawn-mowers-reviews.co.uk, we are rating this factor in relevance to the machines performance.

Power – based on consumer reactions, we will rate the lawn mowers’ cutting power. After all, it is the reason why you’re looking for a powerful lawn mower. To cut off grass in a professional way, this is probably the most important factor when deciding which lawn mower to buy.

Ease of Use – any mechanical device should be user friendly and lawn mowers should be no different.  Can you move it around easily?  Do you have to push it with greater effort? These are the few measures we rate the machines’ ease of use.

Thumbs Up Badge

The new feature of the site is the Thumbs Up Badge.  Thumbs up is a simple and familiar gesture of giving the product the go signal to buy.

Gold Thumbs Up – The gold thumbs up is the best we can give to a particular lawn mower.  This means the reviewed machine had at least 4 stars in each of the previous category (price, cleaning power and ease of use.)  We will definitely put these machines on our recommend list as we see them as being the best lawn mowers in the U.K. (maybe even generally.)  If they’re on that list, you need not worry. This is how the badge will look like.

best lawn mowers

Silver Thumbs Up – The silver thumbs up is the second best rate we could give the machines.  This doesn’t mean the pressure washer won’t perform well, in fact it will.  Silver thumbs can be viewed in two different ways, or both.

  1. For those who are looking for mid-level performance.
  2. Those looking for lawn mowers on a limited budget.

This is how the silver badge will look like:

lawn mowers reviews

Bronze Ribbon – These machines don’t have our thumbs up. They either garner very bad reviews or some may lack information or reviews for us to grade them.  These are machines we’re not confident recommending.  We’ll be keeping a constant eye on those lacking information for now but badge on these machines will most likely not change. We’ll be putting a reviewed ribbon on these machines:

lawn mower UK