Bosch Electric Rotary Lawn Mower ( Rotak 40 )

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Bosch Rotak 40 sure means business.  This lawn mower has a high torque of 1700 Watt Powerdrive motor with a full 40cm cutting width.  Designed for larger lawns, it has a range cut height between 20 -70 mm.

This electric rotary lawn mower from Bosch runs at 3600 rpm and relatively more powerful and lighter than most of the mowers out in the UK market.  The inset front wheels enable the grass combs to ensure grass is cut close or over the edge of your lawn.  Scalping is prevented as well as stability over lawn edges are ensured thanks to its rear roller.  More importantly, the roller helps to gain those professional stripes on your lawn.  It’s easy to carry and to store.  The Bosch Rotak 40 Lawn Mower weighs over 12.3kg and has a built in carry handle and also fold-down handles.

It also comes with a 15 cable and a generous 50 litre grassbox.  Rotak 40 also comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee.

Bosch Electric Rotary Lawn Mower Features

  • Featuring unique grass combs that allows you to cut right to the edge
  • 1700 Watt Hi-torque ‘PowerDrive’ motor offers superb cutting and collection
  • 40cm Width of cut, with high speed steel blade, 10 Heights of cut (20-70mm)
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable, full width safety switch
  • Rear collect grassbox (50 litres)

Lawn Mowers UK’s Review:

Bosch Rotak 40 sure gained many favourable reviews garnering 4.5 out of 5 stars on online reviews.

Based on reviews, this lawn mower is a powerful, easy and excellent machine.  It produces great cut everytime and the results stunned the users of this product.  Their lawns almost looks like a bowling green.  The instructions are simple, and two sturdy carry handles makes moving this machine a doddle.  As mentioned, the rear roller stripes the grass quite admirably.  This lawn mower is very powerful for its size, incredibly light and quite compact for storage.  Best of all, it comes at a pretty reasonable price.

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A tip from on an online lawn mower review: One user had their motor broken, as per inspection; the motor’s vents were blocked with grass whilst the motor overheated.  If you have one, take off the top cover by undoing the two screws so you can clean off the cover over the motor.

A user niggles again on the grassbox, a little fiddly to assemble and to empty.  Also there was no way to see if the box was full on this lawn mower.  The pull handle is a bit thin and can be cumbersome at times.  Reviews on this lawn mower also states that they can really do with a cable tie, it pains them to wind the cable manually around the handle.  Finally, height adjustment is pretty difficult too and somehow the motor burns out.

When compared to its other siblings from Bosch, Bosch Rotak 40 won’t disappoint if not exceed expectations.  Great for medium to larger lawns, a bit hard to wind up but does the work just fine.  Definitely, one of the best lawn mowers in spite of its let downs and is a recommended buy.
That’s why we’re giving this machine a gold badge.

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